The style

Ramón Bandrés

Interior designer of Moraira Natura

The contrast between the style of San Sebastian, my hometown, and the light of the Mediterranean, my living space, have marked my professional career and personal development. And this all conveys a way of understanding Interior Design based on a natural sophistication, with a special focus on the colours, the textures and the light.

One of the most well-known interior designers of the east coast of Spain, who has done outstanding work in Valencia, Madrid, San Sebastián, Málaga, Mallorca, Ibiza, London and Dubai, has been in charge of the exceptional interior design of Moraira Natura.

Ramón Bandrés has profound knowledge of this marvellous part of the Mediterranean, and he has put all his passion into this project.

“After a detailed observation of the area, we came up with an open design for each of the villas where the ample living spaces give us exceptional light that connects the inside with the outside. The texture becomes the protagonist on the walls, the façades in linen white and an earth tone blend in with the surroundings and the communal areas of the complex meld into the actual architecture of the villas to recreate a garden beside the sea.”

Moraira Natura, Timeless Architecture

Six villas, six jewels, six works of art where life acquires another meaning. Moraira Natura is the sublimation of refinement, the purity of lines and the aesthetic understanding of the natural surroundings.

An exterior design that discretely plays with volumes and with a small range of materials and colours, in the best tradition of the masters of the 20th century. The spaces connect the inside with the outside, just as Mediterranean architecture requires, which is used to live inside and outside the house. The elegant garden, the swimming pool, the outdoor areas to relax, are just as important as the interior spaces.

The light, the clearness of the air and the aromas of the mountain are a fundamental part of the architecture. The local materials, such as the dry stone walls and the garden with plant species from the area, make each villa unique.

The decoration of the villas is a wonderful display of elegance. The simplicity and the extraordinary quality of the materials are much more than a style, they are the soul of the house that welcomes you and transforms you.

These are the fabrics, materials and tiles that I have used as inspiration in Moraira Natura.


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