Live Different

Beauty Style

A vision, a dream, a longing for a peaceful, comfortable, independent and pleasurable life.

When we discovered the place where Moraira Natura will be built, this vision immediately came to mind: 6 detached and exclusive villas, in perfect harmony with the nature that accommodates them and with a design that will turn them into an architectural landmark in the flora and fauna of the Costa Blanca.

Construction shaped by the scenery and the Mediterranean pine tree forest, the sea breeze and the unique light that you can only find here.

We were inspired by this wonderful setting and also the materials, the colours and the plants that have been used in the creation of the Moraira Natura villas.

Life Style

La vida en Moraira late alrededor de su magnífico puerto deportivo y de sus 8 kilómetros de playas de arena y calas escondidas entre grandes rocas e impresionantes acantilados.

Live Different

The most beautiful, wildest and most authentic stretch of the Costa Blanca is located between the headland of Cabo La Nao and the Peñón de Ifach.

Right in the centre of this succession of stunning cliffs, delightful coves and magnificent beaches, is Moraira.

An old fishing harbour that still preserves all its flair, has managed to nurture a paradise of peace and well-being in its surroundings.

The essence of the Costa Blanca is concentrated in Moraira and it is only granted to those who know how to appreciate this way of peaceful and happy life that can be found in the Mediterranean in all its splendour.

The Perfect Climate For Sailing

When the bad weather begins in other maritime zones and it is time to dock, in the Costa Blanca we still have magnificent sailing conditions.

Set off today with your boat from any of the marinas close by, Moraira, Altea, Jávea, Calpe, Les Bassetes, Denia, Benidorm … and let yourself go. You will see that the winds and the waves are perfect for sailing at this time of the year.

We have 365 days of sun a year and a perfect temperature to enjoy outdoor activities, especially in the sea.

From Moraira Natura you have access to all these marinas at your fingertips in a matter of minutes, with all the docking and maintenance facilities.

Discover by boat the best coves in Moraira::

  • Cala Llebeig.
  • Cala Cap Blanc.
  • Cala L´Andrago.
  • Playa El Portet.
  • La Cova de les Rates.
  • Cala del Portitxolet.
  • Les Plagetes.
  • Playa de L’Ampolla.

The Perfect Climate for Walking

This coastline has countless wonders within reach for us to enjoy, with its small islands and cliffs, its beaches and its trails. And presiding over everything is the imposing silhouette of the Peñón de Ifach. A true natural eye-catching monument that charms the spirit.

If you are someone who believes that you have to walk around a place to get to know it well, the coastline of the Marina Alta is an infinite place, however many trails and routes you might know here, there are always more to discover.

The wonderful Playa de la Granadella is definitely worthwhile visiting, where the cliffs frame “the perfect beach”. The one that we all dream of when we imagine what a beach should be like.

If you want to go on an unforgettable walk, explore the route of the coves of Testos, Moraig and Llebeig, with the natural caves that the sea has carved out and the breathtaking trails on the edge of the cliff.

More “civilized” routes such as the trails that take you up to the Cabo La Nao or the Cap Negre Viewpoint, where that thrill of having arrived at the “end of the earth” washes over you.

Find the quiet beaches of Portet, la Ampolla, la Fustera… and so many others. There are unexpected places on this coastline just waiting to be discovered.

Prepare your own route. Discover your favourite places and enjoy them alone or share them with others who love the nature of the Marina Alta.

Essential routes:

  • Ruta de los Acantilados.
  • Barranc de la Viuda – Cala Llebeig – Cala Moraig.
    Font Santa.
    Moli dels Castellons.
    El Cap D´Or.
    Camino Ecologico.
    El Peñon de Calpe.
  • Cala Granadella.
  • Faro de la Nao.
  • Mirador del Cap Negre.

An Infinite Golf Course

Some golfers can play in the rain, in the snow or in more adverse weather conditions. We don’t as so much of you. Because in a radius of just a few kilometres we have more than 10 magnificent golf courses for you to really enjoy the experience of playing golf.

Imagine playing all those holes and enjoying each shot, under an ever-blue sky and with the mild temperature of the Mediterranean coast. Make your rounds of golf increasingly more demanding or simply enjoy the pleasure of a good round on your favourite course.

We strongly recommend that you visit them all until you find that perfect shot, on a wonderful day that makes you feel like the golfer you have always wanted to be. The scenery is always spectacular and the experience is unforgettable.

If you do decide to push yourself a bit more and put your competitive skills to the test, you will have numerous opportunities to take part in the tournaments organised at these clubs.

Some very nearby golf courses:

  • La Sella Golf.
  • Oliva Golf.
  • Club de Golf Jávea.
  • Club de Golf Ifach.
  • Altea Club de Golf.

The most authentic traditiion and cuisine as a form of art

The pleasures of dining are part of the attractions of this coastline. In Moraira and the neighbouring towns the traditions of maritime and mountain cuisine of the Marina Alta have been preserved.

You can delve into them traditionally; look for that special place that you love in the marina, in the streets of a town nearby or in the most unexpected place. Share it with your friends or exchange those pleasant discoveries with them.

Or you can turn gastronomy into a leisure pursuit. Take part in the ritual of looking for the local fish in the traditional fish market, fresh from the sea and produce from the land recently harvested in the fields of Moraira. Take them home and find out for yourself that good Mediterranean cuisine is something that you can make yourself and enjoy with the family.

Visit the wineries of Teulada, Benissa or Alfaz del Pí and you will discover some of the most outstanding wines of Spain. Find unexpected and surprising wines or age-old traditions in your glass, which our winemakers have revived from the depths of history.

And above all, some of the most acclaimed restaurants of Spain are located in the Marina Alta. Where the most creative and advanced cuisine, elevates these traditions to an art form, as you will see for yourself.

Enjoy the highest concentration of “Michelin stars” that you could imagine and enjoy a culinary experience in line with that of Moraira Natura.

The Spirit

Moraira Natura is an ideal place to begin a fulfilling and peaceful life, where everything is at your fingertips while you keep the independence that you want.

The sweet happiness of living in Moraira and in all its surroundings is going to change your life. You will love the rhythm of the seasons and the lifestyle of the Mediterranean towns of the Marina Alta.

You will soon become a fan of their customs, their traditions and their festivities, which you will enjoy just as much as everyone else: the Moors and the Christians, the patron saint festivities or the Moscatel grape harvest festival.

You will find all the services that you could wish for in the vicinity: shops, schools, healthcare centres, leisure, entertainment, sports...

Each of the towns and cities of the Costa Blanca provides you with a new opportunity to enjoy yourself: the cosmopolitan Calpe, Jávea or Denia, the incredible Benidorm, the bohemian Altea and the ever-special Moraira.

The spirit of the Costa Blanca is the sum of all of this and much more.


Planos Viviendas


The network of roads and motorways connects us with the Alicante and Valencia airports, their ports and their high speed train service. Less than one hour away by car.

Moraira Natura is an ideal place to begin a fulfilling and peaceful life, where everything is at your fingertips while you keep the independence that you want.

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